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On-line Retail Delivery Limited

Registration number: 2870190

An unconventional approach to E-COMMERCE!

  • High-quality goods
  • Professional team
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  • Our company sells popular consumer goods online all over the world via the CPA model.

  • Our goal are impeccable results and securing a leading position in the online promotion and sales market.

Our mission

  • Our mission is to make our clients healthy, satisfied and happy!
  • To do this, we provide the highest quality health and beauty products and the best service.

For clients

For manufacturers

For webmasters

  • The most profitable niches in countries with a solvent population and quality goods you aren’t ashamed to promote!
  • Prompt payments without request, holidays and weekends 24/7
  • Launching new products in the most trending niches and our own production
  • A guaranteed high conversion rate and the best possible monetization of your traffic!

A selection of the best products

  • Sirtfood Died

    Natural weight loss remedy

    Gives a quick feeling of satiety and reduces appetite for up to 8 hours. Activates nocturnal lymph flow, fights cellulite and smoothes the skin. Accelerates metabolism, cleanses the body, relieves swelling. Provides continuous fat burning in the abdomen and thighs.


    A natural remedy for healing joints.

    Hondrox is a real joint booster that simultaneously eliminates 3 main causes of joint pain - inflammation, lack of synovial fluid and thinning of joint tissues. The convenient spray format makes applying Hondrox simple and convenient, and the instant effect allows you not to waste precious time and lead an active life.

  • reduslim

    Natural fat burning mix for weight loss.

    Reduslim is an innovative complex that activates thermogenic processes in the body - the processes of active melting of excess fats. It works in 3 directions at once, eliminating the main causes of excess weight - speeds up metabolism, reduces appetite and gives energy. Without diets and exhausting sports - thermogenesis begins from the first dose to the last extra kilogram.

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