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On-line Retail Delivery Limited

An unconventional approach to E-COMMERCE!

  • High-quality goods
  • Professional team
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  • Our company sells popular consumer goods online all over the world .

  • Our goal are impeccable results and securing a leading position in the online promotion and sales market.

Our mission

  • Our mission is to make our clients healthy, satisfied and happy!
  • To do this, we provide the highest quality health and beauty products and the best service.

For clients

For manufacturers

For webmasters

  • High quality and certified goods that you will enjoy promoting
  • Prompt payments even on holidays and weekends
  • High conversion rate and monetization of your traffic

A selection of the best products

  • Sirtfood Diet

    Natural weight loss remedy

    Natural food supplement. Activates nocturnal lymph flow, reduces appetite and smoothes the skin. Accelerates metabolism, cleanses the body, relieves swelling.


    A natural remedy for healing joints.

    A spray with chondroitin, which has a warming effect and saturates the body with substances useful for the joints. Improves skin hydration and regeneration.


    Detox Complex is a rich blend of spirulina, chlorella and beta-carotene, specifically designed to enrich the diet, replenish essential minerals and promote the body's natural cleansing.

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